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型號(PratNumber) G2034AG21U
數量(QTY.) 30000
廠家(Brand) GMT
封裝(Package) WLCSP2X3-6
批號(DC.) 23+
聯系人(contact) 顏先生/William
電話(contact) 0755-82170220,21001680

G2034AG21U     WLCSP2X3-6

120mA, Current Sinking, 10-bit I2C DAC for VCM Driver

General Description

The G2034A is single 10bit DAC with 120mA output

current sink capability. Designed for linear control of

voice coil motors, the G2034A is capable of operating

voltage to 3.6V. The DAC is controlled via a I2C serial

interface that operates DAC by clock rates up to


The G2034A incorporates with a power-on reset circuit,

power-down function, and exactly matched sense resistor.

Power-on reset circuit ensure when supply

power up, DAC output is to 0V Until valid write-bit value

takes place. It has a power down features that reduces

the current consumption of the device to 1μA


The G2034A is designed for auto focus and optical

zoom camera phones, digital still cameras, and camcorders

applications. The I2C address for the G2034A

is 0x18.


 VCM driver for auto-focus

 10bit resolution current sinking of 120mA for


 VCM slew rate control (SRC) – Linear slope

control, Dual level control

 Supply voltage range (VDD) : 2.3V to 3.6V

 Fast mode I2C interface (1.8V interface available)

 Power on reset (POR)

 TDFN2X2-6 and WLCSP2X3-6 package


 Digital camera

 Cell phone

 Lens auto focus

 Web camera

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